John Zoladz

John Zoladz – CEO of Zoladz Construction, Co., Inc.

A longtime resident of New York state, John Zoladz has owned and served as CEO of Zoladz Construction Co., Inc., since 1984. Since then, he has worked with clients to complete a variety of civil works projects along with demolition and trucking contracts. John Zoladz and his company are based in the town of Alden in Western New York, with a separate division in Charlotte, North Carolina, performing work up and down the East Coast. His company won the annual award for Business of the Year from the Alden Chamber of Commerce in 2018.

Mr. Zoladz is also passionate about supporting his community. His company donated more than 3,000 lunches from local restaurants Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Fat Bob's Smokehouse and Frank's Hotdogs to frontline healthcare personnel at local hospitals who have been working hard during the current pandemic. He noted that the gesture was intended to recognize the dedication and professionalism of these essential workers.

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John Zoladz
Alden, NY USA